Corporate Workshops and Team Building

“Well, you were a huge hit!  The women loved working with you and continued to talk about it well after you left.  It was really cool to see how the idea of expressing themselves fully through their style and clothing choices was empowering in a big way”

~ Belinda Clemmensen, B.Sc., M.Ed., ACC – Women’s Leadership Intensive

Whether you are looking for a fun team building exercise or adding some fun to your conference, Suzanne Colmer’s fashion expertise can help.

Suzanne Colmer started her image and style consulting business, Your Shop Girl, over 10 years ago with the goal to teach women and men how to curate a wardrobe that they love, and that loves them back. Suzanne specializes in closet cleanses, educational shopping experiences, and corporate workshops. She is the embodiment of a style encyclopedia; combining the art and science of style so people understand the exact steps to take to have a style they feel amazing in no matter what the occasion.

Whether it’s teaching your employees about appropriate dress, the meaning of “Casual Friday,” or giving tips on how to shop – or sell – smart, we deliver workshops that are interactive, informative, and most of all, fun.*

*All workshops are available virtually or in person


Dressing for Your Day

In both life and business, first impressions leave a lasting impact. Within seven seconds, potential clients and colleagues form an opinion on your image – does your look portray the image you are trying to convey? This presentation will help you feel more confident about your style so you can look and feel your best no matter what your day looks like.

You are a Walking Billboard-How to Discover Your Personal Brand

Your image is telling people a story about you whether you want it to or not. The great thing is, you get to write it. You decide whether they remember the story, or even want to read it at all. That may feel like quite a bit of pressure, but if we break it down you can see how much power it gives you to decide what impression people will walk away from you with.

That’s a pretty powerful tool, right? You need to get dressed anyway, so why not ensure that you use your clothes to let others to see you the way you want to be seen.

The Science of Style

Your image is telling people a story about you whether you want it to or not. Style is a combination of art and science. In this workshop, Suzanne breaks down the formula of style so you can understand exactly what it takes to look and feel your best every single day.

Why Marie Kondo is wrong

What happens after you get rid of everything that doesn’t bring you joy? This workshop will help you walk through the “why” behind your style choices, so you never buy a piece of clothing that isn’t perfect for you again. 

Team Building Experiences

Amazing Race - YSG style

Get out of the office! We are going shopping. You and your partner will be given various style challenges to complete to help you understand how to create a successful style using colouring, body shapes or styles. 

Shopping 101 Class

Your image is telling people a story about you whether you want it to or not.

Shopping class is in! This team building experience is best for small groups. Using clothes from the store we meet in we will walk through your colours, shapes and styles that work best on you. 

Your Shop Girl - Workshops
Your Shop Girl - Workshops

“I was invited to hear Suzanne speak on her Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Style. I was pleased that her style presentation was timeless. Her tips left ample room one’s own fashion sense and body type and her tips are applicable to any occasion… I left the presentation feeling inspired to put more effort into pulling together outfits that make me feel confident and happy”

Lisa, Principal at CAVEA Studio

The first time I saw Suzanne, she was presenting at a conference about the Do’s and Don’ts of fashion. It was amazing to see how she engaged the audience with her fun, energetic presentation style. Since then, Suzanne has helped me change my entire wardrobe. She has helped me with my shirts, ties, shoes, jeans and everything else. It has changed my life! I receive compliments about my wardrobe all the time, and it is all because of Suzanne!”

Steve, CIO in Private Equity

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Speaker Biography

Suzanne Colmer

“There are a million different styles that would look great on you but there’s really only 1 that you are going to feel really great in.”

When Suzanne started her style consulting business in 2008, she wanted to ensure it reflected her style philosophy: educating and empowering men and women to curate a closet full of clothes they would actually wear and love. Over a decade later she continues to innovate and inspire the wardrobes of individuals and business across the GTA and beyond.

As one of the city’s premiere style and image consultants, Suzanne works with individuals and organizations to bring confidence, clarity and cohesiveness into their wardrobe. She created a handful of style education packages that she continues to use to transform countless individuals’ wardrobes, and uses her educational talks with companies like Xerox, Goodman’s Law Firm, and California Closets, to teach employees about how to use science and style to amplify visual representation and branding. 

Suzanne’s business has led her to speak on the topic of clothing, style and closets in a multifaceted quantity of formats. She continues to lead journalists around Toronto on behalf of Toronto Tourism, runs customized group workshop parties, and organizes style workshops in collaboration with local boutiques. 

After finishing her degree at the University of Toronto, Suzanne completed George Brown’s Image Consulting program, thereafter enhancing her studies at both Sorbonne University in France and The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. In highlighting the impact of corporate image through dress, her expertise on style has made serious impressions on large corporations. Often sought out by media as a style expert, she has been featured in the Toronto Star, on BT, CBC, Global TV and a variety of different podcasts.

Commended for her ability to make everyone she works with feel at ease, Suzanne brings her whole authentic self to each presentation.

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